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Jen Huang

Hey there ! Ni hao !

  • Product Designer based in Austin, U.S.A.

  • University of Texas at Austin

  • Fast-learner & Collaborative

🙋🏻‍♀️ Hello there,


I'm Jen. Thanks for dropping by. I'm a multi-disciplinary Product Designer specializing in UI/UX Design / User Research  / Visual Design, and Digital Marketing.

I love Digital industry! Before I devote myself to digital product design, I was a Design Thinking Coach for 4+ years and got into Digital Advertising for 3+ years, I realized the principle of human-centered design is my core value when I strive for the digital industry. And, designing intuitive yet powerful products that create a delightful experience for users is my career objective.

I thrive in a multi-disciplinary, fast-moving, and innovative environment. My clients span from media, tech, medical, international hotels to automotive industries. I'm a problem solver that loves a challenge, open-minded to feedback, eager to learn and grow, and always obsessed with design details and new technologies. My goal is to become a designer with comprehensive skill sets and make an impact on the digital world.

Outside of design, I was originally from Taiwan, grew up in Malaysia, and now live in the U.S.A., I love to travel, meet new people, and try anything new (especially food! ) Feel free to connect with me and say Hi, let's do something FUN and make a DIFFERENCE! ☀️

Logic will get you from A to Z.  Imagination will get you everywhere!

Keywords of Skills

  • UI/UX Design

  • User Research

  • Design Thinking

  • Product Management

  • Digital Marketing and Analytics

Keywords of Me

  • FAST Learner!

  • Collaborative & Self-starting

  • Organized  & Self-Discipline

  • Fast-paced & Meticulous

  • Eager to Learn & Grow

When I'm doing Design

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