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JY Life Funeral

How might we redefine the funeral service experience in this new age?

My Role

I acted as a solo Web Designer and WIX Developer. My contributions include but not limited to:

  • Art Direction, Visual Design, UX & UI 

  • Website Design & Development

  • Digital Marketing


30 days from scratch


Adobe Illustrator/ Photoshop

Figma/ Wix


I designed the brand website for my client JY Life, a funeral service company in Taiwan that provides funeral planning and management to help mourners address the funeral processes and details during the grieving experience.

In general, the funeral service website is outdated, the information on the website is too complicated for living participants to understand, and it remains anxiety and stressful at first impression to mourners once they reach for funeral service.

Therefore, JY Life wanted to make the service experience different. My client and I wanted to provide an intuitive, smooth and supportive service experience that would comfort living participants ar the first time while they reach out to JY Life.


Our goal was to provide a smoother and comfortable funeral service experience for our clients. I designed the brand website through these steps:

  1. Define site map & User flow

  2. Sketch the outline

  3. Build wireframe

  4. Translate brand into UI style guide

  5. UI Design

  6. Implementation


Site Map


Sketching & Wireframing


Color & Typographic



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