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Easily book a parking spot before departure!

LuckyPa integrates with IoT and AI Monitoring techniques to deliver a spot booking platform for the community and drivers. Spot owner can earn profit by flexibly share their spare spot to drivers, letting them has an opportunity to park in a private area. LuckyPa assists people to save time and be well prepared before the journey started.

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My Role

I worked as a Product Manager, leading a team of 6. I integrated the Design Thinking process into product development and worked closely with engineers and designers to iterate and craft every detail of the application.

What I did?

  • User-Centered Research

  • UX Design

    • Features Ideation

    • User Flows

    • Wireframing

    • Rapid-Prototyping

  • Business & Concept Development

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Product Testing

  • Design Thinking Coaching 


60 days from scratch


Sketch / InVIsion / Miro

Xmind / Slack / Asana

Design Thinking

Agile Development

Design Process

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Background (User Story)

Ms. Lin is a saleswoman, she drives to visit her clients everyday in downtown. However, parking spaces are always full wherever she goes. She strongly suffers from parking issues day by day, and it frequently causes delays in her following schedule.

Lp-工作區域 13.png

Once, she arrives at the nearest parking zone to her destination, however, it is out of spots again. She realizes that she will be late for her meeting if not park her car immediately. At this moment, she sees a vacant spot in front of her but that is a private space only offered to residents. 

Lp-工作區域 14.png

She goes to the reception and asks for a possibility to park at the private space. So, the security guard helps her to contact the spot owner and asks for permission.

Lp-工作區域 15.png

Finally, she is allowed to take the private spot. It is a pleasant and satisfying experience for Ms. Lin because she makes her meeting on time. This result inspires us to develop a new solution to parking issue in a crowded city.


potential parking spaces under Sharing Economy

Parking Spots in Taipei

Vacant spots in a day

Lp-工作區域 23.png

In Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, it is difficult for citizens to find a parking space, people usually need to spend approximately 30 mins to find a spot. Most of the parking areas in the city are private, which means it is more difficult to find a temporary and public parking spot. Through our research, we find out a circumstance that most of the private spots will be vacant in specific time periods, and these periods become an opportunity for other drivers.

'Airbnb' in Parking scenario

We encourage spot owners to share their parking spaces when not using.

For owners, they will receive money whenever a driver uses their spots when is vacant, and they can retrieve their spots when needed.

For drivers, they can book a private spot in advance, being 100% sure to keep a spot before departure. In addition, they will have a chance to park at the nearest but private spots which are not available before.


Empathize & Define


I integrated the Design Thinking process into our development. We began with the end in mind, starting from 'verified the assumption of user needs' to 'defined the whole picture of users story'.

  • First of all, we assumed our users need a 'Private Spot Sharing Service', then we took an interview with a number of drivers and verified how close our idea is.

  • Next, we went into an in-depth interview to find the potential pain points in parking scenarios and comprehended the user journey during spot-searching moments.

  • Ultimately, we came up with a Need Statment 'Drivers need a solution to park at the nearest location because the distance between spot and destination, and the cost of time during spot-searching are both the most concerning conditions when they are looking for a parking spot.'




Brainstorming and Sketching

Feature Grouping and Selection

In this section, we generated the app features based on the needs statement we have defined.

  • I encouraged everyone to think outside of boxes, and sketched all the ideas on paper no matter how perfect it is. After a quick brainstorming, everyone started to extend more thoughts on others' ideas.

  • I invited colleagues from other departments, such as sales team and maintenance team. In my belief, a team with diverse backgrounds can help us generate an innovative and interesting idea. Plus, letting people outside of develop team join in product design will assist everyone in the company aligned with the product goal.


Before we move to the next step, we prioritized all the features and selected the 'Must Have' into our MVP.


Convergence: Information Architecture

Information Architecture

User Flow Concept


Wireframing and User flow

  • I delivered user flows and concerning all the exceptional scenarios in every feature.

  • I constructed all the features into an organized and intuitive app structure.

  • I crafted all the wireframes individually on Sketch and prototyped / validated ideas through InVision.

  • Before we move forward to UI Design, we conducted a user test with target audiences to verify our concept whether meets user needs.


Rapid Prototyping & Concept Test

  • I prototyped /validated ideas through InVision.

  • Before we move forward to UI Design, we conducted a user test with target audiences to verify our concept whether meets user needs.


UI Design



Testing & Release

  • I planned a test process from automated app test to manual task test, so to confirm we've implemented our product properly. 

  • I acted as a critical role who decided when to release and which version to release on the Apple store and the Google Play Store.

  • I managed and recorded every version of the product to review product progress bi-weekly.

User Test

Test Case


Marketing & Service

Solution Introduction on TV news

Interviewing by PTS TV 

Customer feedbacks

  • I hosted and prepared our product launch at Imperial Hotel in Taipei.

  • I planned a series of marketing strategies through digital and physical media to announce our innovative and brand new parking solution.

  • I worked closely with the customer service team for troubleshooting and collecting user feedback. 

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