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Hey! Welcome to Yen-Jen's world. You will see many friends like me here, and we will guide you to explore her world ! ☀️😊

I believe you will find somethings
fun about her ! We love her! 

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Where is Yen-Jen from?


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Design Thinker

2015 - 2017

Worked as a Design Thinking Coach, delivered Design Thinking courses and workshop for the government, university and startup companies.



Digital Advertising Manager

2016 - 2018

Optimized and analyzed digital ads performance on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.



Product Designer

2018 - 2019

Led a development team of 6 through the Agile methodology on mobile app from ideation to implementation.



? ? ? ?


Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 9.36.23 PM.jpg


Something innovative, fun and brings impact to the world...

Her Experiences

Yen-Jen's passion?

Here are some stories I know
about Yen-Jen, and I want to
share with you ... 


Yen-Jen loves challenges and is eager to learn too. Before she became a designer, she was a person who was completely outside of the field of design. However, she was self-taught in the use of design tools, such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Sketch. After two months of independent learning from completely beginning to advanced, she started doing her freelance work as a graphic designer.

: Hey! What are some things else do you think about Yen-Jen?


Yes, independent learning needs to overcome a lot of challengs.

Quick learner

Yes, she is!


I agree with you


Yen-Jen thrives in a multi-disciplinary, fast-moving, and innovative environment.

She realizes the fast-moving environment in start-up companies will build entrepreneurship, team spirit and creativity in her personality. Her background also benefits her to integrate UX Design and digital marketing to create a product that meets the growing marketplace demand. All in all, she never stops learning, and she is obsessed with design details and new technologies.

: Hey! What are some things else do you think about Yen-Jen?

Love challenges

Yes, she is.


Young but passionate!


She is a
T-shape person!

Hey! I think it's time for you to meet Yen-Jen. I believe she is
so excited to meet you!

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